Biosylx is developing unique services to its customers, including product and market information, certifications, and real time transaction services from sample request to product delivery.


Product Documents and Certificates

Very soon our customers will be able to download the complete datasheet online for each one of our products, including all relevant certifications (non-GMO, irradiation-free, allergen-free, pesticide-free raw materials, Kosher and Halal certification, etc). We also certify that our products are processed following the HACCP Standards and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), requested by the European Union legislation CE 852/2004.


Market Information

We provide periodic updates on our products, providing background information on weather and harvesting condition in the areas where our products are sourced, in addition to other factor that may determine supply and prices of our commodities in the local and global markets. Market update samples are available upon request.


Transaction Services

We are also developing a transactional web site, allowing our clients and agents to place orders online in a flexible and customized manner (product type, packaging, labeling, shipping route, etc.), and track the execution of their order in real time from sample request to product delivery and acceptance.